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CREATE HyTEM course information


 Sustainable Hybrid Thermal Electric Microgrid Course

This 2-semester, project-oriented training course will be co-taught annually online. It will cover the entire spectrum of hybrid microgrids research, with strong practical training components including invited lectures from Canadian and international experts and (virtual) site visits from leading-edge facilities, and the direct participation of the (inter)national research labs and industry partners.

The course covers: Concept of hybrid microgrid; Overview of distributed energy resources (DERs) such as bioenergy, geothermal, hydro, solar, waste-heat, wind; Hybrid microgrid modeling and analysis; Energy conversion and distribution systems in microgrids; Energy storage technologies; Microgrid control and integration; Energy policy; Bioenergy production technologies; Market application of HyTEM.

The course will launch in January 2022.


Graduate-level Special Topics courses

 Special Topics courses will be developed and offered by CREATE HyTEM team members to provide focused training on core topics.

Examples include: bioenergy; signal processing, machine learning; materials for energy storage; energy conversion technologies; microgrids and stability; solar energy systems.


 Workshops & Seminars

 A series of intensive interdisciplinary workshops and seminars will be created with participation from Canadian and international experts, collaborators, and stakeholders.