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NSERC CREATE Hybrid Thermal Electric Microgrid (HYTEM)

Transitioning to fully-electric heating is not feasible as the existing grid cannot cope with an all-electric heating load and the ever-increasing demands for electrification of the transport sector.

NSERC CREATE HyTEM will provide the research and training needed to advance the development of novel flexible hybrid microgrids. These microgrids enable integration of distributed renewable energy resources into electric grids and thermal networks. HyTEM can be used to create stand-alone microgrids in remote, island and northern communities. In urban settings, HyTEM systems can integrate renewables and waste-heat energy from industry, computing centres and even sewers into the overall energy infrastructure and supply.



The NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) Hybrid Thermal Electric Microgrids (HyTEM) program will provide over 100 undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate scholars with the interdisciplinary training needed to integrate distributed energy resources into electric and thermal networks to work in harmony for the reliable supply of clean and sustainable energy.

Led by Dr. Majid Bahrami of Simon Fraser University (SFU) along with 10 other professors from SFU, University of Waterloo, Carleton University, University of Ottawa, University of British Columbia, and Ryerson University, the CREATE HyTEM program will provide scholars with the skills needed to develop technical solutions and navigate the business, governmental, policymaking, and social/organizational drivers of the sustainable energy field.



• Establish a world-class training program to provide interdisciplinary skills and knowledge to enable distributed energy resource integration and utilization in hybrid microgrids.

• Contribute to an equitable future for the Canadian economy and environment by creating local, sustainable jobs, and reducing our emissions and environmental footprint.

Further information regarding this program can be found in NSERC CREATE HyTEM brochure.

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